About us

We are the Pustota team (can be translated as "the Void" from Russian). Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for the emerging crypto art market, to ensure that every participant on the market has access to the ecosystem and can play her role of choice. We believe that we have to embrace the reality of already existing best practices (gallerist role for example) and formalize them with the use of blockchain tech. Furthermore, we provide our users with a choice of supporting the new economy rules that we propose thus establishing legitimacy by participation, fairness, and performance.

To avoid the asset bubble situation and in order to serve the public good, we are going to implement an evolving set of rules along with a reputation system that should allow our community to gain visibility and continuous self-improvement, enable charity and crowdfunding options. The same rules are also designed to boost the secondary market and eventually provide some form of basic income to the art community members. We develop a new economic model that is based around art connoisseurs actually living off their creativity and involvement in the art community matters.

Hence some governing principles that we are going to adhere to:

  • We treat all NFT's equally
    An NFT token is essentially a contract between the author and the current owner of an artwork. With the provenance history stored in verifiable registries, this is the enabling technology for the art market, which makes it accessible to the people by reducing costs and removing usual middlemen. In case transfer from another platform is required, we are gladly willing to help any author or owner migrate her work under our custody. We will assure that the chain of provenance does not fork, and no important data is lost.
  • We are connected to reality
    We design our system to natively support the already established processes and relationships inside the art industry. Thus, in addition to the Artist and the Owner, we introduce the role of the Gallerist (curator/promoter). The Gallerist is responsible for managing her subset of artworks that she is willing to promote, and marketing them on social media. Every time the deal is conducted through her referral link or gallery she is eligible for the part of profit that is calculated and distributed automatically.
  • We look for technology and upgrade in time
    Upcoming upgrades of decentralized networks such as the highly anticipated ETH 2.0 and Polkadot, are going to lower transaction costs and make blockchain systems more interoperable. We are well aware of such trends and it is our commitment to assure that our users' NFT's are migrated in time to newer versions of NFT tech. This includes moving metadata to decentralized storage such as Filecoin (or Swarm) which we see as the immediate next step. At the same time, new standards arise for self-sovereign identity and decentralized identifiers which in our perception is the next step of the evolution of verifiable digital assets.
  • We believe in providing the public good
    The core goal that we pursue is to support the Art community and the needs of its members such as charity incentives, better curation, and cultural enlightenment in order to promote both artistic progress and audience growth. We treat our platform as a tool to provoke more interactions in the field of art and not as another 'pay Ethereum to buy a gif' website. Fair competition is the only way that can prove our ideas right and this is why we offer a choice of migration to and from our platform freely without any hindrance from our side. Only by empowering the new emerging class of NFT owners with a better set of market rules can we steer this new form of property rights away from the mistakes of the past. We don't want there to be a new market crisis when old rules and mechanics are applied. This also means no collective or partial ownership and no complex derivatives.
  • We know that ecology matters
    Our views on the environmental impact of proof-of-work are expressed in the following post: https://gun.eco/docs/Privacy-What-You-Need-To-Know. We are cypherpunks and we do believe that the only way to address global problems (such as the ecology of our home planet) is to influence current decision-makers and institutions. In our mind, the only way to build a sustainable society with rational control over the environment is to build new technology and protocols which will, in turn, incentivize public good-oriented behavior and make sure that surveillance capitalism is kept at bay and that our politicians are held accountable for their actions.

If you want to know more, please feel free to reach out to Curation Team at curation@pustota.io or via social media.