Vibes (live AV) 29`12``
Live Audio Visual performance during the UMWELT exhibition opening. We are interested in revealing energies around us, the ones of nature and the cosmos. The performance titled VIBES reveals the effects of sounds in the water. Humans and Earth are composed of 80% water. We work with the medium of cymatics and standing waves to reveal sacred geometries like mandalas inside water by the influence of sound Nature is everything, all the most advanced inventions and discoveries are linked with Nature. We are nature - we are vibrations - we are water Instagram : llnd_art *LLND (Sound, Visual) *LLND is a collective of artists from Nathalie Delpech and Laurent Lettree who work together to create artwork for exhibitions, public spaces, collectors, and audiovisual performances. Their show uses D.I.Y high-tech water equipment that can display sacred geometry while connecting to pure tones. The intention here is to create a strong bond between man and nature while presenting an audiovisual healing experience
*LLND aka Laurent Lettree & Nathalie Delpech
Laurent Lettree & Nathalie Delpech of French Art collective *LLND which specialize in creating contemporary Art for exhibition and collectors as well as new media Art for public space such as interactive lighting Art , video Art , participative audio visual installations , and audio-video performances . *LLND have been exhibited at numerous museum , Art galleries , Art fairs and biennial around the world since 2003 . Their Art expression finds inspiration in Nature as well as Anthropology , science and high technology with a strong statement about ecology and sustainability .