How to use

1. Intro

a. Welcome to Pustota.

Hello and welcome to Pustota.We are a multi-role NFT platform for the community of artists, curators, gallerists and collectors brought together by their shared dedication to Art and the idea of mindful and sustainable growth of CryptoArt community. We are currently in BETA. Please mind that all the info is subject to change and our services are currently provided ‘as is’. See Terms of Use for further details.

b. User Roles

To learn about User Accounts, please refer to a separate section.

Currently, there are four User Roles on Pustota: Curator, Artist, Gallerist and Owner.

  • Curators are the part of the team who are plotting our course on the artistic side of things. They are responsible for incoming content curation and Artist introduction. They also create and manage community events and exhibitions. To become a Curator please contact Pustota Curation Team
  • Artists are the creators of the tokenized art pieces minted on or outside of our platform.
  • Ownership of the tokenized art piece minted using Pustota is written in the NFT token by ERC721 standard and can be transferred using the Pustota platform with platform economic rules applied.
  • Users can add art pieces to their personal galleries to view, promote, showcase and share the artworks they like, thus becoming a Gallerist.

c. NFT Transaction rules and Economics Overview

Our goal is to provide the necessary set of tools for the art community to support the established specific social and economic activities, based on an evolving set of rules designed to benefit the interests of the community. To learn more about our vision please adhere to the About Us section.

  • Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency are used to trade Artworks. Pustota smart contract at 0x8acF6EF5cB4c7bb9159359Aa55C84CC7c19834B8 is responsible for ownership and finance transfer. Gas fees apply for contract interaction.
  • When a deal is conducted, the Gallerist responsible gets a share of the profit. More information on Galleries is available in the appropriate section.
  • There are three ways of setting up a deal: Auctions, Offers and Simple Sale. Please refer to appropriate section for more info The Artist gets a share of the profit on every sale when all time high of the art is updated.
  • Platform commision is applied on every auction bid or trade offer. For information on fees and user shares, please read the next section

d. Platform Fees and Profit share Distribution

  • Platform fee is 3% of every sale
  • On first sale: the Artist gets 85%, the Curation fee is 5%, the Gallerist gets 10%.
  • On every secondary sale: the Gallerist gets 10% of the profit made by the previous owner, the Artist gets 10% of the profit made by the previous owner.

2. Your account

a. Connecting your wallet

Pustota requires users to use Metamask wallet browser extension to access the platform.

To connect your wallet, go to, press the button in the top right corner and sign the action in Metamask.

b. View and and Edit User Info

Use the button in the top right corner of the page to view and edit information on your profile page.

c. Your Account Balance

Losing bids and revoked offers are added to your account balance. Press the menu button to view your balance.

d. Withdrawing Funds

Press the Withdraw button available in the menu and sign the action in Metamask to withdraw funds from your platform account to your Ethereum Wallet. Please mind the Platform Withdrawal Fee of 0.5%.

3. Your Gallery and Collection

a. Viewing and sharing your Gallery and your Collection

You have to own the item for it to be displayed in your Collection, while any artwork you like can be added to your Gallery. To view the items in your Gallery or your collection, click on the respective tabs in your profile. You can also share the link to your collection and gallery by clicking the share button.

b. Adding items to your gallery. Showcasing art.

You can add any artwork on Pustota to your Gallery for viewing, showcasing or sales promotion. To do this, simply press the ‘add to gallery button’. When you do that a unique link is created that you can share on social media. When a deal is conducted you get a share of the previous item owner’s profit. Please refer to Platform fees and Profit share distribution section for more information.

c. Your collection. Owning artworks. Claiming the original.

The items you own are displayed in your collection. Press the ‘Claim original’ button to download the original. Only the owner and the creator of the artwork can do this.

4. Trade offers and Auctions. Item History.

a. Making and revoking offers

If an item is not currently on Auction then you can offer the owner a price in ETH.

  • Enter the amount you want to offer and press the ‘Confirm Offer’. You also have to sign the transaction in Metamask. This amount will be transferred to Pustota smart contract to await the owner’s decision.
  • To revoke your offer, please press the “Revoke offer button’ and sign the action in Metamask
  • If the offer is accepted, ownership changes and funds are transferred per platform rules
  • Upon change of ownership all sanding offers are revoked
  • If Auction is started by the owner, all standing offers are revoked
  • Offers are displayed in Item History on item page

b. Accepting Offers

To accept an offer please press the ‘Accept Offer’ Button and sign the action in metamask

d. Creating and Signing Auctions

Owners can choose Auction as a way of selling their property.

  • To create an auction please input minimal bid, auction duration and press the “Start Auction’ Button. You have to confirm this action in Metamask.
  • When an Auction is started, users can see the remaining time on the item page
  • Upon reaching the time limit and if the minimal bid has been met then ownership and funds transfer is executed upon signing the Auction results. To do that, please press the ‘Sign Auction’ Button
  • Auction bids are displayed in Items History

e. Item History

  • If an Auction is running, then Item History displays events related only to the Auction.
  • If an Auction is not running , then Item History displays all other events

5. Minting Artworks

a. Curation and Whitelisting

Every artwork that is shown on Pustota has passed the curation process done by members of our curation team through peer activities. To learn more please contacts our Curation Team at

b. Requirements

We are available for collaboration with every person who considers herself an artist and wants to contribute to our community using the Platform features. Feel free to reach out our Curation Team at

c. General Flow

First, you need to be logged in to be able to mint your artwork. Then, choose the original file and the preview file and fill out all the data fields (Artwork Title, Description, etc.). You are also required to agree to Terms of Use by ticking the checkbox. Check for correct inputs again, push the ‘mint’ button and sign the message in metamask to create an NFT token.

d. Legal

Please see the full user terms to find out the legal details.

6. Glossary and useful links